Recent interview with Bel Staib from Strawberry Fields Represents!

How long have you been singing & performing for?

Singing – forever! Performing (& playing guitar) – about 5-6 years now!

Do you write your own music or do you work with others?

I write with my partner in the record label – Mouseboy Records – a musical genius called Matt!

What instruments other than guitar do you play?

I’m mainly a bass player, had to step in when my bass player left and haven’t looked back. The bass is such an expressive instrument that I truly feel at home playing. I can also tinker about on the piano and have also been known to play 2 cracking notes on the accordion!

What performance are you most proud of?

I’m very proud of the performance I did for my EP release (Chilly Teeth, available here on iTunes – It was a cracking music event that I had organised and promoted through Mouseboy Records! Also, we ran another live music night and all proceeds went to the homeless charity – Shelter. We raised over £300! I’m very proud of that!

Do you prefer performing as a solo or with a band?

I love doing both as they are both very different experiences! Playing solo allows me to give my songs a unique, soulful feel and when I play with the band, we can go crazy, funk the place up and the music just takes over!

Where would you most love to perform?

One of my dreams has always been to play at The Water Rats in London but I have a gig coming up there soon! Ultimate goal at the moment though is to play on Jools Holland!

What gigs have you got coming up?

Got some local gigs coming up, for those dates, please see
Gigs in London include:
13th May – The Dublin Castle, Camden
3rd June – The Water Rats, London
Events below!

Who are you inspirations?

I get inspired by anything thats different or people who do things differently, Pomplamoose are a fantastic band in America, both making amazing solo music as well as Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte! Check them out! Vocally, inspiration has come from Ella Fitzgerald, Al Green, Amy Winehouse, Kate Bush and so many more! Musically, inspiration comes from the likes of Elbow, Muse, Flo & The Machine, The Beatles, Beethoven, Bach, Bowie, sooooo many to list them all! Songwriting inspiration comes from the general public and their actions and reactions and those people who talk loud enough for me to hear them!

You have music videos for your songs, how do you make them?

Well that would be telling!! But honestly, we record them on our iPhones and edit them up in iMovie! Please donate some money so that we can get a new camera as using gaffa-tape and a music stand as a tripod is somewhat limiting.

What do you love the most about singing & performing?

Pure and simply, when I perform is the only time I truly feel myself 100%.
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