Hi guys!!

Got a couple of gigs coming up that I wanted you all to know about!

Thursday 25th October – Pitcher & Piano, Taunton – 9pm onwards
Wednesday 7th November – O’Neills, Bournemouth – 9pm onwards
Thursday 8th November – Smokin’ Aces, Bournemouth – 9pm onwards

Hope to see you at some of these lovely places so I can pleasure your ears!!


Sofi x

Just to clarify….

…I was ‘Featured Artist of the Week’ on Westside Music FM!!! Woo Hoo!! And some more radio plays coming your way too!

In other news, I looked today and I am over 100k views on my YouTube channel!! So, as promised in my last video blog, I’m gonna do something crazy! Have a look at video here to see what you can do!!

Good Morning!!

Hi everyone!

So I’ve just woken up for the first time with my new flat mate in the house! It’s nice to have someone make you a cup of tea!!

I just want to say thank you to anyone who has watched/liked/shared/commented on one of my videos, my channel has nearly 50k views and that is just AMAZING. If you haven’t yet then , why not?! Check it out here:

Plans are afoot!!!!!!! (Isn’t ‘afoot’ a great word?!) We have many irons in many fires and some good things will be coming your way! I’ll be doing another video blog soon as I realise it’s been a while and I bet you are all missing my face. Gigs are being organised, songs are being written, general merriment is being had. It’s all good.

OOH, we have a piano!! The newest member of the Mouse Hole Studio and shes so pretty….

The elusive Matt having a tinker











I reached 500 tweets as well and I celebrated with an exclusive track giveaway to those who re-tweeted it! It was only after I tweeted it that I realised it was actually my 501st tweet, slight fail there….

So thats the latest news, will be uploading the new blog shortly.

Take care!

Ciao xxx