Some gigs for your diaries!

Well, here are a few dates for some gigs that I currently have lined up!! Get them in your diaries and I will see it there!

March 9th – The Triangle, Bournemouth – time to be confirmed!

May 14th – Chaplins, Bournemouth – 9pm

July 13th – Wonky Donk Festival, Lychett Matravers – time to be confirmed!

Ooh it’s going to be fun, more coming soon!


Tea and Cake anyone??

A belated Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all of you lovely people!

So, 2012 was pretty amazing for me, over 1,000,000 saw my music videos, more and more of you have been sharing the love! So thank you.

Now, 2013 is going to be even BETTER!!! More videos, I’m going to be stretching my choreography wings as well so keep an eye out for that!

More gigs, more festivals and keep your eyes peeled for some live streaming gigs coming your way via YouTube!

Writing and recording like a banshee, cooking and filming it for you as well!!

And…….drum roll please……..the albums are coming out this year!! More on that soon!

So, heres a sneaky peak at whats to offer this year, hope you enjoy

Speak to you soon guys! Till then, keep sharing and eating cake! xxx

Random weekend happenings….

…So, this weekend I bought a new kettle! Boring to most of you out there, ridiculously exciting to me!! I love my new kettle, and my tea tastes a lot better.

Now, wasn’t that a thrilling update! In other news, this weekend I watched ‘Jumanji’ (awesome film) and ‘The Holiday’ (I wept uncontrollably) so that was fun!

Now for some music updates, we are VERY close to having not 1, but 2 new music videos ready to send out via t’internet to you musical ear & eye-boxes!! Excited much? I am.

I’ve been playing bass chords, this hurts a lot, therefore, I have also been doing hand exercises.

And I want some more gigs, so to any of you out there, give me a gig!!! It’ll be well good.

Also, to make your video experience even more enjoyable, we want to get a new camera!! So, any charitable donations would be gratefully received! He he!

Take care y’all!


Sofi xxx

What a brilliant night….

….so, it started with an all-you-can-eat Chinese (how can that not be a good thing) and then I went along to my gig at Smokin Aces in Bournemouth.

Firstly, it was a great night, lots of lovely ladies playing, everyone was amazing!

Secondly, my set went really well, I didnt wear my slippery leggings (like I did last night at the O’Neills gig and my guitar kept slipping off my leg,) nor did I wear my glasses (again, like last night when they kept slipping down my face!)

Thirdly, I just want to say thanks to Max (my new Swiss fan!) who gave me my bus fare home! My feet thank you! And to all the people who came up and said hi!

Right, I shall sleep now and get ready to make a NEW VIDEO FOR YOU TOMORROW!!!! WOO HOO!!!

Night all, enjoy this pic of me and my massive shiny head.


Angry face…..massive shiny head. I must re-think this shaved head malarkey.

Just a reminder….!

Just a reminder for you all to come along to my gigs this week!!

O’Neills, Bournemouth – Wednesday 7th Nov, 9pm
Smokin’ Aces, Bournemouth – Thursday 7th Nov, 9pm

Also, some new videos for you all to feast your eyes and ears upon! One is a delightful cover, one is a cookery programme!!! Well, I filmed myself attempting to make a cake – it’s amusing. Let me know if you think its a good idea to start a cookery series!!!

Hope you enjoy!


Sofi x